Chief Technology Officer 1 CTO

Treatment: interview

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the technical direction, technical planning and operational implementation of the company's products, providing comprehensive technical support for the company's business development;
2. Study and decide on the company's technical development route and plan the technical framework of the company's products;
3. The echelon construction and management of the company's technical team, including their training, performance assessment and incentives, etc.
4. Lead the technical team and organize the implementation of the annual work plan to complete the annual mission objectives;
5. Responsible for coordinating all aspects of project development or implementation and grasping the overall progress of the project;
6. Responsible for cooperation and coordination among various projects, departments and technical fields;
7. Prioritized experience in UAV and robot project research and development;
1. Bachelor degree or above in computer science, information technology, aircraft design and manufacturing, robotics, mechanical and electrical integration, and electrical automation.
2, fluent spoken and written English language skills;
3, have more than 2 years of technical operations and team management experience;
4. Deep technical background, experience of several middle- and large-scale project leaders, and prioritizing research and development experience in drones and robotics;
5, proficient in C/C++/C#, java, ruby programming, have a good ability of object-oriented analysis and design;
6, proficient in Linux platform development;
7. With systematic analysis and design capabilities, it can independently solve the overall planning scheme and formulate technical specifications;
8, has a certain degree of sensitivity to the technology market, can grasp the market developments in a timely manner, can provide decision-making suggestions for the company's technology development;
9, can bear high-load work, have a good team spirit and management capabilities, strong sense of responsibility, work dedication, there is a strong pioneering spirit.

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